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Marketing Communications Case Studies


Market Research

Challenge  How to differentiate yourself in the market?

Solution     Wingate Partners researched market trends and proprietary data to design

                 a market model forecasting potential market growth in the regional

                 visitor market.


Communications Planning

Challenge   How to communicate complex information to internal and external audiences?

Solution      Wingate Partners researched audience insights and attitudes to help define

                 the communications needs and then advised on strategic messaging, methods

                 and metrics to achieve the desired impact.


Product Rollout

Challenge   How to gain visibility for a novel health care product?

Solution      Wingate Partners developed a product rollout plan and personal branding

                  strategy for the entrepreneur.



Challenge   How to refresh a non-profit brand and reputation?

Solution      Wingate Partners researched stakeholder perspectives on mission, vision and

                  values in order to facilitate stakeholder sessions leading to consensus of a

                  refreshed mission statement and brand promise.


Case Studies
Case Studies