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Executive Coaching Case Studies


Health Care Administrators

Issue     How to navigate the market forces that are driving change in health care?

Action   Wingate Partners coaches clinicians as they adapt to accountable care

            models - helping them think through ways to transform their practice and

            effectively use the elements of today's patient centered care environments.


Academic Leaders

Issue     How to become an effective leader of your department or growing organization?

Action   Wingate Partners coaches emerging leaders of new centers, research labs or

            departments to help them develop effective management and leadership qualities. 


Women Executives

Issue     How to chart a pathway to the C-Suite without sacrificing the personal you?

Action   Wingate Partners helps executives integrate professional, personal and spiritual

            priorities so they can execute a career strategy and pathway to achieve the

            pinnacle of success while maximizing personal satisfaction.


Technology Entrepreneurs

Issue     How to align resources and optimize performance to rapidly grow your business?

Action   Wingate Partners guides entrepreneurs and small business leaders in creating

            a healthy and smart enterprise within the resource constraints of a growing

            business by focusing on culture, strategic alignment and competitive advantage.

Case Studies
Case Studies